2022 - Charleston Wizarding Weekend

Have you ever wanted to go to The Vandalia School of the Arcane Arts? Our 20-question quiz will help you get sorted into one of our four houses: Blackbriar, Staggenhart, Toddrick, or Puddledwarf. 

Which of these animals would you most like to be?

Which of these words best describes you?

Are you an Early-Riser or a Night-Owl?

When you first wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you like to do?

What would you most hate for someone to call you?

Which nightmare would frighten you most?

The time has come to start your first year at Vandalia. How are you feeling? What is on your mind?

It's time to pick your familiar, what kind of familiar would you get?

Time to start your first school day at Vandalia! When you open your wardrobe, what style of clothes do you see?

At Vandalia, we have a multitude of extracurrucilar activities to grow your hobbies and interests. The first one you would pick would be...

You have been tasked to give a group presentation to your classmates. What would your role in the group look like?

You finally have a spare evening to yourself, what would be your ideal way to spend your evening?

You are walking in the woods and you hear panicked shouts and screams in the distance. When you enter the clearing, your friends are about 15 feet away from a hungry Owlbear, what do you do?

When you imagine your eulogy being read at your funeral, you hope they regale tales of your...

A friend of yours is being bullied on your way to class. You...

If you had to pick a normal profession and leave your wizarding world behind you. What kind of job would you have?

You discover a room full of treasure in a forbidden corridor. What do you take?

When it comes to your school supplies - how would you describe your collection of supplies?

You've learned to brew a calming potion, what does it smell like?

Which class did you excel at while attending Vandalia?